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Mar 25



The 9 Most Bowel-Emptying Jump Scares in Videogames

Not necessarily geek chic, just want to make sure you’re all awake this morning!

Once while playing the original Bioshock I was in the basement with the statues that come to life. Under the false assumption that I could clear the room, I was turning around  shooting whatever statues I saw when I turned to find one had spawned immediately behind me, practically touching me- it scared me so badly I screamed and inadvertently threw the controller straight up into the air. That scared my cat, who had been sleeping in my lap, so badly that I got wounds as proof of my skittishness. 

Mar 12


if you don’t like this show

i don’t like you

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Mar 11


Jonas the Tiger Is Perplexed By Hand Vacuum

Tigers are basically exactly like big house cats, then?


Actor Kevin Bacon Explains What the 1980s Were Like to Millennials at South by Southwest

You couldn’t even skateboard to a blockbuster without getting nuked.

Feb 19

Feb 16

Feb 15

Feb 13


Curious about the chemistry of beer? Check out KQED’s new video to learn the science behind it!

This guy: 1) knows a whole lot about beer, 2) looks/sounds just like Fred Armisen.

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Feb 10

Feb 9

Jan 30

Jan 24


Guys, if you HAVE to know, my favorite episode of INVADER ZIM was this one, and I don’t even remember making it.

Jan 23


8-Bit Cinema – The Big Lebowski Retold in Three Animated Minutes

Not the best one of these, but I think I’m obligated to reblog.

Jan 16

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